Special Reports

Special Reports and essays published in chronological order.

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Special Reports

Special Reports are published quarterly around March 25, June 24, Sept. 29, and Christmas Day.

Special Report: A Slight Lawyering Problem (2/2) (12/19/2016) - Workarounds and the changing landscape for everybody.
Special Report: A Slight Lawyering Problem (1/2) (12/19/2016) - How to blow your cash and time on Earth. Or, a peaceful change in government can actually be more life-threatening than a simple military move. Who would have thought?


Essays are published as normal posts under the category ‘Essay’ and grouped here for convenience.

The thing about law school - The whole thing about law is about being read-up and 'read-in' while secretly hating the guts of others but making pleasantries.
What is the Cestui Que Vie Act 1666? - If you haven’t noticed that you’re alive every 7 years, the government takes control of your estate as if you’re dead. But it isn't some kind of overarching Illuminati or New World Order conspiracy.

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