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Lipsync Law is born after two years of faffing around. Stop bitching. Know your law diff’rently.


Lipsync Lawyer is born on Monday, 19 December 2016, at 2.30 pm GMT.

This blog takes a diff’rent ‘angle’ and sometimes uncensored look at the law.

It is primarily geared on the Common Law world, but the Civil Code countries are not off the hook. Indeed, anything that’s legally related will be hanged, drawn and quartered here. It will be tastefully done and in good cheer though.

The blog has one simple excuse for existence:—

The stuff of law is failing its mission. It’s unreadable even to sophisticated minds. What is unreadable won’t likely be understandable, all told.

Your mileage may vary, as it necessarily does.

The blog updates every Tuesday at 8pm GMT, though no guarantees are made. The blog’s official timezone is UTC.

The blog’s official language is English. There may be bits in other languages but their appearance isn’t guaranteed either.

Comments are always welcomed on all posts, but commenting closes 14 days after date of posting.

Now read the About page for the lurid backgrounder and its laughable mission.

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