Oldest legally valid legal document

There’s a fine line of difference between the oldest legal document and the oldest that’s still legally valid or legally operating.

WHAT is the oldest legal document that is still legally valid — in the sense of one that can be presented in court?

There are a number of legal documents vying for being the oldest, and much depends on what yardsticks we determine them by. Continue reading “Oldest legally valid legal document”

Juryless in Philippines

The juryless court system is creating a judicial disaster for everyone because people don’t want to use it. And couldn’t, even if they wanted to.

WHY doesn’t the Philippines have jury trials?

Philippine readers may become upset with this, but they’ll probably realise I’m on their side too once they read on. Continue reading “Juryless in Philippines”

What is the Cestui Que Vie Act 1666?

If you haven’t noticed that you’re alive every 7 years, the government takes control of your estate as if you’re dead. But it isn’t some kind of overarching Illuminati or New World Order conspiracy.

THIS post will open the eyes of some people. If you skip it, you’ll never know exactly how you relate to yourself and to the ‘system.’ Consider this a ‘redpill’ post in a small way.

Get some coffee … and Aspirin. Or arsenic. Continue reading “What is the Cestui Que Vie Act 1666?”

Special Report: A Slight Lawyering Problem (1/2)

How to blow your cash and time on Earth. Or, a peaceful change in government can actually be more life-threatening than a simple military move. Who would have thought?

RECENTLY a discussion cropped up about the current pathways to becoming a lawyer in Hong Kong. Some people here just don’t seem to realise the consequences that those pathways entail in time, effort and money. Continue reading “Special Report: A Slight Lawyering Problem (1/2)”